LOS ANGELES _ Inspiring poetry that examines a man’s struggle for dignity and acceptance is the grand prize winner of the 2012-2013 Los Angeles Book Festival.

Dr. Neal Hall’s “Nigger for Life” reflects the author’s painful, later life discovery that in “unspoken America,” race is the one thing on which he is first judged and measured. The book examines Dr. Hall’s deep sense of betrayal, yet offers clarity and inspiration while considering a topic often considered taboo.

Dr. Hall will be honored at a private reception on Friday, March 8 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: Nigger for Life – Neal Hall

RUNNER-UP: A Lot to Say, Sumthin To Talk About - Mschell



WINNER: We Became Mexican-American – Carlos B. Gil

RUNNER-UP: Inside Linda Lovelace’s Deep Throat – Darwin Porter


  • Leaving Early – D.F. Waitt
  • Freeways to Flip-Flops – Sonia Marsh
  • Pure Moxie – Leda Sanford
  • Among the Silent Giants – Sharon Porter Moxley with Susan Dregey
  • Prague: My Long Journey Home – Charles Ota Heller
  • Charlie & Me – Harriet Bronson
  • Maidin Iron – Ana Padilla
  • Aisha: The Wife, the Companion, the Scholar – Resit Haylamaz
  • The Cassius Clay Story – David Coleman
  • Flute in the Marching Band – Gwen Simon Gain
  • Eagle Rock: Growing Up Rich in Idaho – John David Rose
  • A Woman of Interest – Cindy Zimmermann
  • The Last Chalkline: The Life and Times of Jack Chevigny – Jeff Walker
  • A Tale of Survival – Grace Flores-Hughes
  • Across from the Alley Next Door to the Pool Room – Janice L. Booker
  • Walking Home – Sarah Cortez
  • Clay Hills and Mud Pies – Annie Mary Perez


WINNER: The Death of Eve – Shaun Penney

RUNNER-UP: Falling From Eden, Inc. – Ross Wright


  • The Mercury Vapor Lamp Experience – Howard J. Levinson
  • Grapeshot & Demons – Vincent P. Scully


WINNER: A Change of Habit – Patty Ptak Kogutek

RUNNER-UP: You Were Not Born to Suffer – Blake Bauer


  • Power and Illusion Religion and Human Need – David W. Wilbur
  • Love & Impasse – Denise Richard
  • The First Rose of Summer – Eileen K. Parsons
  • Surfing on a Banana Peel – Brona Fanelle
  • The Pearl of Great Price – Veronica Hughes
  • Witnessing Conversations with Heaven – Susan H. Kastner
  • God Was Holding My Hand – Rachel Arterberry
  • I Am Here – Marcella Martyn
  • The Fool – Dimitrios Papalexis
  • Hope’s Ante – Thom Vines
  • No Boxing Allowed – Nola Anne Hennessy


WINNER:The Legend of Atticus Rex, Book 1: The Amulet - Philippe de Vosjoli/Santiago Jborra R

UNNER-UP: Sweetest Taboo – Eva Marquez


  • Born, Not Raised: Voices from Juvenile Hall – Susan Madden Lankford
  • The Ties That Bind – James Biery
  • Super Cowboy Rides – Daris Howard
  • Crossroads and the Himilayan Crystals – C. Toni Graham
  • Faelorehn – Book 1 of the Otherworld Trilogy – J.E. Johnson
  • The Sound and the Echoes – Dew Pellucid
  • Leo’s Love Story – Robert Hensley


WINNER: Exit Laughing – edited by Victoria Zackheim

RUNNER-UP: Continental Divide: Wildlife, People and the Border Wall – Krista Schlyer


  • Far Distant Echo – Fred Marks and Jay Timmerman
  • Just Tell Her To Stop – Becky Henry
  • Meritage Divorce – Cheryl Nielsen
  • American Guinea Pig – Terence Mix
  • 35 Women Building Peace – Kaitlin Barker Davis/Emiko Noma
  • Glass Half Full – Curtis E. Margo
  • With and Without Her – Dorothy Foltz-Gray
  • Oh Brother! – Cliff Fazzolari
  • The 4-1-1 on Surviving Teenhood – Michele Sfakianos
  • Anatomy of a Hustle – Cllinton E. Galloway
  • Diabetes ABC – Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg
  • Silent No More – Christine Orenic-Ward
  • We Have Got it All Wrong – Dr. James R. Granger III
  • Boozehound! Breaking a Thirty-Year Obsession – Eric C. Houghton
  • Fire-Gazing, When Venus Transists the Sun 2004 and 20012 – Gail Dimitroff


WINNER: A Touch of Mortality – Vivian Ditzler

RUNNER-UP: The Blue Amulet – MJ Roe


  • The Blade of Eve – Shaun Penney
  • The Early Years – Kenn Joubert
  • The Boy with Golden Eyes, Book Two – Marjorie Young
  • In Her Heart – S. Marie


WINNER: Not in the Club – Janet Pucino

RUNNER-UP: Empower Yourself for an Amazing Career – Blanca De La Rosa


  • Do Not Invent Buggy Whips – Kenneth Thurber
  • Systems Thinking Strategy – Jimmy Brown
  • Financial Independence – Agbai Ina Obasi


WINNER: Last Night I Swam with a Mermaid – Kimberly and Michael Muller

RUNNER-UP: Emmy Budd and the Flood – Jean Blasiar


  • Curiosities – Mike Yamada/Victoria Ying with Jonathan Ying
  • Hooligan Bear: A Special Day – Ian Toynton/illustrated by Andrea Dietrich
  • Curio A Shetland Sheepdog and Friends – Jeanette A Griver
  • A Moment of Quiet is Nothing to Fear – Christine Gardner/illustrated by Kristin Abbott
  • Will You Fill My Bucket? – Carol McCloud and Karen Wells/illustrated by Penny Weber
  • Golda: A True Story for Children of All Ages – Jeff Shelton
  • Sparkle & The Gift – Ayn Cates Sullivan/illustrations by Belle Crow duCray
  • How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico - Rudolfo Anaya/Nicolas Otero/Nasario Garcia
  • The Reindeer Chronicles – Michael McWade/illustrated by Ivan Earl Aguilar
  • History’s Still a Mystery – Dell Brand
  • The Adventures of Fifi & Noni – Kimberly Jacobs Muller/illustrations by Chad Attie
  • 26 Poem-Stories About Animals – Tom Guy Pettit/Peter O’Malley Pierson
  • Spirit of Meradoon – Margaret Douglas
  • Marshall the Miracle Dog – Cynthia Willenbrock/illustrated by Lauren Heimbaugh
  • Me, Watch TV? Michael Hickman
  • I Love You, Little Bird – Jennaya Joy Monroe/Elyse Whittaker-Paek
  • Story of Colours – Paul Raven/illusrated by Heather Cleland
  • The Monkey and the Peanuts – Tokunbo Ifaturoti
  • The Mombie – Tony Martin
  • Aspey’s Adventures with Asperger’s – Michael Werner
  • Henry & Tink: A Remarkable Romance – Cathy Conheim and BJ Gallagher
  • All I Want – Chanz’e Witcher
  • Sophia at a Royal Wedding – D.G. Flamand


WINNER: Excuse Me For Living – Ric Klass

RUNNER-UP The Length of the Leash – Gary D. Sproul


  • Revealed – Mary Unruh Ballard
  • Provacateur – Charles Martin
  • The Law of Strings and Other Stories – Steven Gillis
  • Hollywood Buckaroo – Tracy DeBrincat
  • A Time to Cast Away Stones – Elise Frances Miller
  • Funny Mummy – Merrie Lynn Ross
  • A Beautiful Glittering Lie – J.D.R. Hawkins
  • A Touch of Immortality – Vivian Ditzler
  • Germaroon – Bill Fairbairn and George Atanga
  • An Emperor Among Us – David St. John
  • The Search for Zarahemla – Terry Neal
  • Heaven or Hell – Roni Teson
  • The Final Race – Oliver Chiapco
  • Revealed – Mary Unruh Ballard
  • Esoteric – Forrest Boston
  • A Small, Perfect Place – Arnold Gordenstein
  • Becoming Shamus – Elizabeth Curtisse
  • A Thousand Bayonets – John Mark Harris
  • The Seraph Contingency – Jennifer Fales
  • Built to Order – Lou Ann Noble Hayford
  • China Rising – Alexander Scipio


WINNER: The Art Dockuments – Carlton Davis

RUNNER-UP: Flashblind – Paul Bernstein


  • Islands of Refuge – Jeff Munoz
  • Folsom Street Blues – Jim Stewart
  • Postcards Home – W.D. Mast
  • Vietnam Through Rose-Colored Glasses – Richard S. Rose
  • Blood of the Savior – Trisha Phan


WINNER: Amalia’s Guatemalan Kitchen – Amalia Moreno-Damgaard

RUNNER-UP: Eternally Gluten-Free – Dominick Cura

HOW-TO WINNER: Claim Your Life – Boni Oian and Emily Sanderson

RUNNER-UP: Serve It Up – Laura De Simone


  • This Girl Walks Into A Bar – Jordan Catapano/Jocelyn Dunn Muhlbach
  • My Cat Won’t Bark! – Kevn Darne
  • My Memoir Workbook – Marcia Rosen
  • Have Fun and Get it Done – Jenee Dana
  • Lemons, Lemonade and Life – Janet Thomas


WINNER: Dan Winters’ America: Icons and Ingenuity – Dan Winters

RUNNER-UP: Robert Wilson’s Carousel Clover Ponies – Diane Myerson

HONORABLE MENTION: Last Launch – Dan Winters


WINNER: The Last Train West – Jean M. Prestbroten

RUNNER-UP: Dream – Robbi Sommers Bryant



WINNER: No Character Limit: Truth & Fiction from WriteGirl – edited by Keren Taylor


WINNER: The Battered Heiress Blues – Laurie Van Dermark

RUNNER-UP: The Legacy of Deer Run – Elaine Marie Cooper


  • Rules Get Broken – John Herbert
  • Baby! Baby? Baby!? – Holly Kerr
  • Flesh of Angels – J.A. Dennam
  • Taming Liv – Laila Norum
  • Grit and Grace – S. Marie


WINNER: Hawthorne’s Redemption – Gary P. Cranford

RUNNER-UP: Creek with No Name – Ken Bilderback/Kris Bilderback